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Many times you can buy a car with a rebuilt title for much cheaper than you would be able to buy a similar one with a clear title, but before you buy you need to find out the history of the vehicle. Ask the seller how it got a rebuilt title because obviously it had some sort of damage, enough that the insurance company decided it would cost more to repair than it was worth.

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The insurance company would’ve then given it a salvage title. After the car (or truck) received its salvage title someone came along – possibly the original car owner, car dealer or a mechanic who then bought it and repaired it. In order for it to have gotten from a salvage title to a rebuilt title they would’ve had to have the vehicle inspected by the DMV or highway patrol.
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What Are Rebuilt Title Cars?

A rebuilt title car (or reconstructed title) is an auto that previously had a salvage title which has been repaired or reconstructed so that it is operable and able to be put on the road again.

A car or truck ends up with a rebuilt title because it was most likely damaged or in an accident and the cost to repair it was more than the market value of the auto but then it was reconstructed to be drivable again. Most states require an inspection of the vehicle before it is allowed to return to the road.

Title classifications vary by state. In South Dakota for example, you can get a rebuilt title after obtaining a salvage title but the car must be in running condition.

A rebuilt title car or truck can be a great savings but the resell value will be much lower. If you're planning to purchase a vehicle with a rebuilt title make sure you get the history of the vehicle before purchasing.

Typically an auto with a rebuilt title will sell for around 50% of what the market value of a clean title car would sell for.


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